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  1. Welcome to our peer-to-peer questions and answers forum! Here you can ask questions about the U.S. military, civilian life after serving, or anything you want to know. Sure, there's Google, but it feels so much better to get your answers straight from other veterans like yourself. Ask a question! Did you find this topic useful? We would love to have you answer this question below!
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  2. I am a Marine Veteran, husband, father of three who loves the outdoors. I fish and hike any chance I get. I enjoy taking the family camping and exploring new trails. I am always on the lookout for hot fishing spots or the next great hiking adventure. My vision for my site is to share my pictures and experiences with those who love the outdoors. Give honest feedback on the places I have been and to seek advice on the places I want to go from the people who have been there. I want other Hikers, Anglers, and Campers to connect and share their experiences and knowledge with me and the world. So please, feel free to post any pictures or stories of your outdoor adventures on my page. Have any questions for me?
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  3. Hello and welcome to Awesome Vets, a brand-new social community created for Veterans by Combat Veterans! Usefull Links: Need to know what's happening all over the site? Check out the activity page to see site-wide user activity! Have questions, suggestions or found a bug? Visit our support page to learn more about our site and see helpful resources. Unable to post? You need to introduce yourself to be able to post content in our forums. Who created this site? This guy: @neo
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